Concrete Leveling for Driveways: How It Works

Concrete leveling is a laying technique that helps to provide a smooth surface for concrete driveways. It makes the concrete flat and level, so it doesn’t have any bumps or dips.

It’s essential to know how concrete leveling works before starting the project, so you don’t end up with uneven concrete or, worse, concrete that doesn’t match your existing slab.

This blog post will walk you through the steps of concrete leveling, from what it is to how it works and why you might need it for your driveway. We’ll also give some tips on avoiding common mistakes when doing this type of work yourself.

What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling means making concrete flat and level. Companies can do it for driveways, patios, sidewalks, or any place concrete is poured where it will dry close to the ground.

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Why do I need concrete leveling & how does the process work?

The purpose of concrete leveling is two-fold: firstly, a smooth surface provides excellent traction in wet conditions, and secondly, it ensures that your concrete dries level to help prevent cracks.

In order to do concrete leveling, a company will use levelers, and bull floats on top of the concrete when it is wet to remove any waves or bumps on your surface. Once this process has been completed, they’ll cover the area with plastic sheeting so that it doesn’t dry and crack prematurely. Next, concrete companies will let the concrete dry and harden for a few days before you can walk on it. 

If you’ve been looking to have concrete leveling done on your driveways, patios, sidewalks, or any other areas, contact CatFoam for a quote today!

Concrete driveway repair methods

There are two ways a company will usually do concrete leveling or concrete repair.

The first way is to break up your existing concrete and remove it from the space. After that is done, the workers will prepare the dirt underneath before setting up, pouring new concrete, and leveling it. 

The second method is when a concrete company will come out and do the concrete leveling on top of pre-existing concrete that is still in good condition.

Causes for an uneven concrete driveway

Uneven concrete surfaces can be caused by:

  • The most common is a lack of moisture in the concrete mix when it’s poured, which doesn’t allow for any shrinkage or expansion during drying.
  • Other reasons may include pouring concrete on sloped ground, doing concrete driveway repair too late, or concrete settling unevenly.

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When should you get your driveway leveled?

If you want your concrete to dry without any waves or bumps, concrete leveling should be done when the concrete is first poured before it sets.

What if I already have concrete?

It may still be worth getting a quote for concrete leveling from a vetted company if you’ve had problems with cracks in your driveway and concrete sinking over time. It’s also an excellent idea to get leveling if you’re adding concrete over existing concrete.

What are some of the benefits of having a leveled driveway?

  •   The concrete leveling process makes for smoother and more uniform surfaces, helping to avoid bumps in the road like little speed humps.
  •   Provides excellent traction in wet conditions, which is especially helpful when it’s raining or snowing outside
  •   Concrete leveling ensures concrete dries level to help prevent concrete cracks.
  •   Concrete surfaces look cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than if they had waves on them.
  •   Arranging these small changes can go a long way in providing driver comfort.

Common mistakes people make when leveling their driveways on their own

  •   Not getting concrete leveled when the concrete is wet enough. Dry concrete can lead to cracks forming prematurely and growing, which will be difficult to repair later on down the line.
  •   Letting concrete dry before pulling the plastic off and running the risk of creating waves in concrete or uneven surfaces. It’s essential to remove the plastic as soon as the concrete is dry enough, or it will dry out too much.

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How long will the project take, and when can I drive on my new, leveled driveway?

How long the project takes will depend on the area or slab you want to concrete level, but it generally takes less than a week to complete.

Cost considerations for driveway leveling

You might think repairing your driveway would be difficult and expensive, but concrete companies like CatFoam can do it at an affordable price. They can fix your driveway for less than the cost of a new driveway.

Tips on choosing a company to level your driveway

Be wary of companies who use their hands instead of specialized concrete leveling machines to smooth out uneven surfaces–it’s not as effective, and it can lead to more problems down the line.

Compare concrete companies and quotes to find the best deal on concrete leveling for your driveway, patios, sidewalks, or any other.

Final Words

Concrete leveling is a process that takes care of the bumps and dips in your driveway. The uneven surfaces can cause damage to vehicles or even make it difficult for people with disabilities to get around on foot if they have any mobility issues.

Whether you need repairs or restoration, at CatFoam, our team of professionals are ready and waiting to help solve all sorts of problems related to concrete surfaces.