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Concrete Caulking

Concrete Caulking Services

An easy, cost-effective way to seal & protect concrete from water infiltration for surface beauty & longevity.

Concrete Caulking
Concrete Caulking
Concrete Caulking
Concrete Caulking
Concrete Caulking

Concrete Caulking: Protecting Your Investment

Concrete caulking is important for the health and longevity of concrete. It can also help protect your home or business from water damage, which could be costly to repair. Here at C.A.T. Foam, we offer professional sealing services that will ensure that your joints are sealed tight and ready for years of use!

We’re proud to offer our customers quality workmanship with over 15 years of experience in the industry throughout the Conroe and Houston area. We specialize in all types of caulking jobs including cracks, joint seals, and more.

Concrete Caulking

Concrete Caulking: Cracks, Joints and Sealing Services

Caulking concrete cracks and expansion joints is a very important step in concrete installation and maintenance. It protects the underbelly of your driveway or any slab for that matter – from seepage through cracks, joints, or expansion gaps. This can be one of the biggest causes for sinking slabs over time; caulking these areas will keep that from happening!

In addition to driveways, caulking concrete solves issues with sidewalks as well. Caulk & sealers help stop weeds and grass from growing in between cracks, which not only makes it look unattractive but also damages your concrete as roots grow into the pores of the cement making it deteriorate faster.

Pressure washing removes existing grass and weeds from cracks, and then followed up with caulk, seals against future plant growth.

Is Your Concrete Cracking?

Caulking is the best way to keep water from getting under your slabs. It’s a quick, inexpensive fix that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line. C.A.T. Foam offers concrete joint and crack caulking. We use a high-quality, self-leveling caulk that won’t shrink and is flexible enough that it will remain in place even if the concrete does happen to shift around.

If you want to avoid costly repairs later on, call now for an estimate on how much caulking would cost at your home or business!

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