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About Us

Concrete Alignment Technology(C.A.T.Foam) is a Texas based company founded in 2019 that specializes in providing innovative polymeric injection solutions across multiple markets.

C.A.T.FOAM specializes in leveling of structures and soil stabilization through the use of state-of-the-art procedures and materials by injecting both expandable and pre-expanded polymers, of hydro-insensitive and high density, in precise, safe increments.

With the use of HMI™ technologies and other unique non-destructive technologies, C.A.T.FOAM has the ability to provide solutions with a huge reduction in maintenance and downtime compared to other methods. These solutions are performed without interrupting the operations of the area of interest and causing damage to the area of interest being analyzed. All of C.A.T.Foam’s various polymer resin foams are EPA approved and 100% eco-friendly.