Best Bulkhead Repair Company in Texas

Is your home located on the waterfront? Do you need to contact a bulkhead repair company? Then you’ve come to the right place! We know that you want to feel safe in your waterfront property and not have to worry about flooding. Your bulkheads may need repair because of damage received over time, natural disaster damage, or man-made damage. Repairing your bulkheads yourself can be costly and time-consuming, so let a professional take the stress away and repair your bulkheads quickly.  

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Bulkheads And Why They Matter

Water damage affects thousands of people every year, and that’s why bulkheads are so important. Bulkheads serve as a barrier between your property and a body of water. This barrier mainly helps stop water erosion from ruining your land and house.

If you live in an area prone to floods, you can protect your home with a bulkhead by building one yourself or contacting a company that can install one. Some people think that bulkheads and seawalls are the same, but they are completely different when it comes to appearance, height, and utility. 

Seawalls are typically made from cement and steel, while bulkheads are made from wood, vinyl, or steel. While bulkheads protect your land from eroding away, seawalls protect against wave damage. 

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Bulkhead Repair: How To Know You Need It

If you think your bulkhead needs repair, there are a few things you can do to identify the problem. You can check if your bulkhead needs repair by:

  • Look for cracks, seams, and holes in the wall. Check if the wood is soft or rotting. Sometimes you can even poke a screwdriver through a crack to see how deep it goes.
  • Check the condition of your decking. If it is warped, broken, peeled back, or covered in algae, it will need to be replaced. 
  • Sinkholes can also damage your bulkhead. A way to know if a sinkhole is damaging your bulkhead is you’ll start to notice mounds of earth appearing in your water.

Bulkheads are usually sturdier than they appear – even if there are small cracks or holes, it may not be a significant problem. However, if the water is seeping through your bulkhead, it is necessary to fix this as soon as possible before any further damage happens to your land or the surrounding area.

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Hire A Reputable Company For Repairs

It can be costly to hire a company for bulkhead repair, but it is worth the investment to avoid problems. Not hiring a professional can cause more damage and cost you even more money. The most cost-efficient way to handle bulkhead repairs is not to let them occur in the first place. You can accomplish this by frequently inspecting your bulkhead, looking for small cracks or holes in the material. Making a commitment to regular inspection and maintenance of your bulkhead will save you money in the long run.

CatFoam of the Greater Houston area can provide professional repair for all your bulkhead needs. Our team also offers a wide variety of other services, including concrete lifting and foundation repair. CatFoam is dedicated to customer satisfaction and keeping our community safe. So contact us today to start the bulkhead repair process.