Don’t Delay Commercial Concrete Repairs for Your Business

Commercial concrete repair can be a lifesaver for your business.

Few things are as important as your commercial property. The reality is that time and weather are inevitably breaking down the strength and beauty of concrete surfaces, from a commercial sidewalk to an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Commercial concrete repairs are essential aspects of maintaining your business’s success and reputation, and they should not be delayed or put off. There are many reasons why not to postpone these repairs.

Over time, property owners that neglect commercial concrete repair will experience:

  • Risk of accidents due to slippery sidewalks or uneven surfaces
  • Inability to use a portion of your property because it’s so unsafe
  • Unpleasant aesthetics

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What’s the cost of neglecting concrete repairs?

Concrete deterioration is as predictable as it is unavoidable. Every day, water and moisture seep into cracks and holes in your commercial concrete surfaces, freeze in winter and expand in summer. These changes in temperature and seasons lead to more cracks, voids, and eventually, crumbling concrete. This process may seem slow and easy to ignore but think about the cost of delaying concrete repairs over time.

It’s not just a matter of appearance. Concrete cracks and voids can really hurt people and damage property as well, which is why any damage should be attended to ASAP with the help of experienced concrete professionals like us.

The concrete on your commercial property may look great from afar but take one step closer, or even worse trip because you stepped in some uneven surface made by deteriorating concrete. This goes beyond aesthetics; this damages public safety too so don’t wait for something bad to happen before calling for our assistance at (800) 595-1880.

In many cases, postponing commercial concrete repairs can lead to a doubling or even tripling of repair bills in the future. If holes are left unplugged and cracks go unpatched, more moisture will seep into your concrete and cause more damages. This moisture creates a vicious cycle that can be avoided with timely concrete repairs.

The sooner you schedule commercial concrete repairs to repair your cracked concrete sidewalks or uneven surfaces, the better off you’ll be. You’ll save yourself from expensive repairs down the road.

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How does Deep Foam Injection for Concrete Repair Work?

Concrete Lifting is a process where polyurethane foam material fills any voids and raises the surface. The expansion of this liquid causes it to reach its final volume in seconds without compromising on strength or density. Concrete Lifting/ Leveling with Deep Foam Injection can be done quickly with minimal mess, making it an ideal choice for many projects!

The polyurethane foam used for commercial concrete leveling has expansion properties to fill small cracks or voids. This produces a smoother, more level surface and allows for easier walking and less slipping.

The foam can also resist the natural forces of water freezing, expanding, and contracting as temperatures change through the year.

Why Choose CATfoam for your commercial concrete repair?

If you allow your commercial concrete problems to become worse, you will be spending more money on repairs in the end.   It can cost many thousands of dollars for a professional concrete contractor to come and repair your concrete, depending on how severe the damage is. Your concrete can sustain many different types of damages, such as cracks, breaks, and damaged joints. The sooner you deal with these problems, the less money you will spend on repairs in the long run.

Commercial concrete repair is necessary for all business owners. It is essential to know that there are many benefits of seeking help sooner rather than later. If you allow your commercial concrete problems to worsen, you will spend more money in the future on expensive repairs. The best way to avoid this problem is not to delay and to get professional assistance as soon as possible when needed. With CATfoam deep foam injection, you can quickly and easily restore smooth and attractive concrete surfaces in no time at all.

CATfoam provides quality commercial concrete repair services with expertise in complex projects, including cracks, breaks, and damaged joints. Contact us today if you need help repairing or maintaining your commercial property’s concrete surfaces. We provide commercial concrete repair from Conroe to Houston and everywhere in between.